Practitioner Portfolio


The growth of the challenge courses since the early 1970’s has led to many advances for our industry. One of which is the formation of the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) in 1993. Now on it’s 8th Edition of standards for the Challenge Courses & Canopy/Zip Line Tours (2015) focused on design, performance, inspection, operation, training and, certification. This organization has grown to more than 2600 members worldwide and an industry influence in our culture.

In the 7th Edition an addendum was added outlining the requirements for practitioner certification. One of the requirements is a portfolio outlining all of the different kinds of experience that a practitioner has acquired over the years.  The ACCT created a sample portfolio/spreadsheet which can be downloaded here.

We’ve taken that document and developed it further and made it part of your subscription on PA Connect. Here you can submit additions right from your mobile device.


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