Full Value Contract

The Full Value Contract (FVC) is one of the foundational concepts of Project Adventure. In each of our programs, we ask that all participants agree to honor a FVC.


All versions of the Full Value Contract ask the group:

  1. To understand and/or create safe and respectful behavioral norms under which it will operate.
  2. For a commitment to those norms by everyone in the group.
  3. To accept a shared responsibility for the maintenance of those norms.

The essence of the FVC is that all people have the right to be valued – their opinions, thoughts and feelings. This valuing includes physical safety and emotional well-being, as well as the notion that valuing oneself is as important as valuing others.


The Full Value Contract serves as a structure for creating behavioral norms that everyone in the group agrees to follow, and that everyone in the group agrees to work on maintaining throughout the life of the program/workshop/group. This norm-setting process establishes an atmosphere of caring, feeling connected, efficacy, and feeling valued. This atmosphere is critical to being able to fully value oneself and others while participating in the group process. This process allows each group member the opportunity to think about the group and about his or her own role and behavior within it. In essence, the Full Value Contract is a group contract.

 The chart at the top of the page lists commonly used FVC language. However, many groups find it helpful to create their own set of norms or Full Value Contract that they will follow and adhere to while working together. There are many advantages of doing this, the most important of which is that it is their creation and in their own words. This drives greater ownership, responsibility and accountability for adhering to the Full Value Contract. There are a variety of processes or ideas for doing this as well.

 As facilitators, it is our responsibility to offer the type of Full Value Contract that is most appropriate and effective for each group we work with within the associated context. There are a number of ways to establish a Full Value Contract. To simplify, let’s consider three basic categories – pre-determined, co-created, and group-generated.

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